BETWEEN US in Filmmaker Magazine: “Adapt or Die: 13 Steps to Adapting a Film from Something Else”

betweenusmovie/ September 15, 2020

Our own director Dan Mirvish just wrote his sixth consecutive article for Filmmaker Magazine focussing this time on the art and strategy of how to adapt plays and books into independent movies. Naturally, he focusses on Between Us as an object lesson in how to do an adaptation well (Between Us, of course, based on the hit Off-Broadway play by Joe Hortua, with the screenplay written by Joe and Dan). The article, “Adapt or Die: 13 Steps to Adapting a Film from Something Else” is the sixth such piece Dan has written for Filmmaker Magazine in the last several months. The others include:

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And in a nice coincidence (hmmm, or is it?), the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (yes, the Oscar folks) just called and requested that we submit a copy of the script for their permanent collection. It’s an honor just to be collected!

Don’t forget: Between Us is now available on VOD, iTunes, Netflix (DVD only for now), Amazon (streaming & DVD) and many other places!