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“Between Us is a powerful, brilliantly acted character piece…. The four-person cast…give the sense of breathing in their parts so deeply that they are at every move haunted by their characters’ secrets and torn by rival pulls of love and contempt toward the other characters. No corner of intimacy or secrets is left unexposed in the film that is at once hilarious and devastating.”

– Richard Rushfield, BuzzFeed

“Dan Mirvish’s Between Us at Slamdance one of most powerfully acted intense and funny dramas I’ve seen in a long time.” – @RichardRushfield, BuzzFeed

“A bitter sardonic pleasure.” – Ray Pride, Movie City News

“Between Us is an absolutely stunning, darkly comic study of two couples, whose lives and secrets travel a strange collision course, when they meet. Paying a curious homage to John Cassavetes, “Faces” and Robert Altman’s, “Short Cuts,” Mirvish moves one giant step beyond, proving just how precarious best friendships can be.” – Amy R. Handler, Film Threat

“Director Dan Mirvish and his gung-ho cast craft an adult drama that is deliciously dark and complex. Particular props goes to David Harbour; as Joel, the disenfranchised artist-turned-agency-man, he offers up an emotional somersault of a performance, one that pokes and prods the audience’s psyche from every angle, prompting us to seriously take stock of our own lives.” – Ben Umstead, TwitchFilm.com

“Julia Stiles delivers a searing performance in Dan Mirvish’s Between Us” – Greg Ptacek, Monsters and Critics

“Thanks to a surprisingly strong cast, which includes Julia Stiles and Taye Diggs, Mirvish transforms this film into a captivating tale of two couples dealing with their evolving lives and marriages, and how the tables can turn in just a few years.” – Jory Carroll, SLUG Magazine (Salt Lake Underground)

“Bring Me the Head of Virginia Wolff: Mirvish Scores With Acidic Marital Strifer….Between Us is a delightfully mean spirited exercise that blurs the lines of love and hate, friends and enemies.” – Nicolas Bell, Ion Cinema

“Mirvish has chosen a phenomenal cast, and the performances are so raw, so believable and real that it almost hurts to watch, but at the same time you can’t look away.” – Jessica Tomberlin, GoSeeTalk.com

“Intense!” – Eugene Hernandez, “Daily Buzz”, Film Society of Lincoln Center/KRCL-FM

“Between Us thrives, and does so in all areas. Captivatingly directed and edited, Mirvish lets his cast and Hortua’s dialogue shine.”

-Angeliki Coconi, Unsung Films

“Surprising and bittersweet. A tightly wound, sharply observed domestic drama to rival the ruthless incision of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?“

Marie-C, Cinemazzi

“Excellent film: An honest, earnest look at the nature of relationships, jealousy and growth that is funny, sad and insightful of the human condition.” – Herb Stratford, Arts & Culture & Film Guy, KVOA TV-4 (NBC) & KMSB TV-11 (FOX)

“Really well done and the acting’s incredible….So brutally honest.”

Mark Bell, Film Threat

“Truth drips off the screen. Powerful….Go see it.”

Steve Aufrecht, WhatDoIKnow?

“Brilliant cast.”

William Conway, CineBLOG

[and about the play…]

“Best friends. Life choices. Different paths. Explosive confrontations. A poignant reminder that some friendships, no matter how deep, are not made to last.”

– The Associated Press

“Hortua is very sharp about how money shapes — and taints — the most intimate relations.”

– The New York Times

“Perceptive and discomforting, Joe Hortua’s ‘Between Us’ is a gripping study of the little familiarities that breed contempt. Hortua delivers a different sort of story – one that is both fascinatingly and frustratingly hard to predict.”

– The Los Angeles Times

“As an anatomy of the compromises life exacts, ‘Between Us’ is sharp as a tack.”

– The New York Post

“Young playwright Joe Hortua writes dialogue that sizzles with such intensity you could fry an egg on it.”

– Philadelphia Weekly

Between Us is a new award-winning movie starring Julia Stiles, Melissa George, Taye Diggs and David Harbour, based on the hit Off-Broadway play of the same name that was performed at Manhattan Theatre Club. Adapted by original playwright Joe Hortua and film director Dan Mirvish, Between Us is a dark comedy exploring the bittersweet friendships between two couples who meet as old friends and discover their lives are tarnished by money, success, sex and children.

Between Us has thusfar screened in 21 international film festivals in 7 countries, including winning the grand jury prize at the Bahamas International Film Festival in December and being the Closing Night film at the 50th Annual Gijon International Film Festival in Spain. Other festivals included premieres in Athens (Greece), Brisbane (Australia), Oldenburg (Germany), Whistler (Canada), a double North American premiere at the Hamptons and Woodstock Film Festivals, a Special Screening at Slamdance and official selections at the Dallas, Sarasota, Atlanta, Napa Valley, IndieMemphis, Virginia, St. Louis, Ashland and Anchorage International Film Festivals.

The film was picked up for North American distribution by Monterey Media, which will release the film theatrically in the US starting in June, 2013.

It is repped by Premiere Entertainment Group for international rights.

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